Why I don’t feel guilty about eating out…..

Salad Bar

Salad Bar (Photo credit: Vancouver Bites!)

No I don’t always cook everything from scratch. I am doing my best to feed my family healthy food but there are times when its necessary for us to eat out. I use to feel guilty about relying on restaurants for some of our dinners. Not anymore.

1. I work outside the home. Not as much as I use to but it’s still a full time job. It has odd hours and it’s rarely M-F. My days off I do my best to spend with family. Getting all the house cleaning done is difficult alone. Then throw in cooking, more cleaning etc…

2. There are busier times in life than others. A week ago we spent 5 hours in the emergency room. My son broke his hand. We didn’t have lunch that day. The hospital gave my son a tray, but there was no way I was leaving him to get food. Needless to say we stopped at a drive through on the way home. I was thankful for one at that point.

3.  I have RA. There are some days by the end of a long week I am exhausted. Cooking a simple meal seems like an insurmountable task. Yes, cooking from scratch is healthier. Especially when you have an illness. Which is worse? Me pushing myself beyond my physical limits? Or eating a meal out?

For a long time I struggled with the guilt of eating restaurant meals. But God has shown me that the stress of guilt is just as bad or worse than the meal itself. Now I thank God that restaurants are available for me.

Most restaurants have online menus with nutritional information listed. I use these to make better choices when we do go out to eat.

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About Angie

Hi I’m Angie. I started Naturally Frugal Homemaker to share how I found a more natural, frugal and simple lifestyle. I love to cook, so I will be sharing my recipes too. My recipes aren’t limited to food either. I have several DIY cleaners and beauty recipes to share. Saving money, feeding my family good food and leading a simple happy life are my passions.
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3 Responses to Why I don’t feel guilty about eating out…..

  1. I’m sorry you have RA. My grandmother lived valiantly with it for a long time. I’m sure there are days you are tired and sore. Never feel bad for making life a little easier on yourself!

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