Would you like to win this awesome drying rack? Weekend Giveaway! Ya can’t beat free!

This contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.


I can’t think of a more frugal way to dry clothes than outside on a clothes line. But sometimes you can’t hang your clothes outside- rain, snow, not allowed in your neighborhood etc. So what’s the next best thing? An indoor drying rack of course! I have three indoor drying racks and I love them!

Honey-Can-Do Commercial Chrome Drying Rack

To enter,  just follow this link to Naturally Frugal Homemaker on facebook…… Good Luck!

Disclaimer-I am not affiliated with this product. This contest is open to all U.S. residents 18 years or older. 

Product description:

A sleek and handsome version of a tried-and-true design, this commercial-grade drying rack from Honey-Can-Do treats delicate better than the dryer does while reducing electricity consumption. Crafted from durable steel with a gleaming, rust-resistant chrome finish, the piece has an accordion construction that drops and locks into place. Hang-to-dry clothing, sweaters, lingerie, and household items can be draped on the horizontal rods, laid flat across the top, or hooked on the end supports. Overall, the piece offers 24 linear feet of drying space, while folding flat to a mere 3 inches for easy storage under a bed, in a closet, or next to the washing machine. Standing 42 inches high, the rack measures 30 by 15 inches. Other sizes and finishes are also available, and Honey-Can-Do provides a limited lifetime warranty on all its products

About Angie

Hi I’m Angie. I started Naturally Frugal Homemaker to share how I found a more natural, frugal and simple lifestyle. I love to cook, so I will be sharing my recipes too. My recipes aren’t limited to food either. I have several DIY cleaners and beauty recipes to share. Saving money, feeding my family good food and leading a simple happy life are my passions.
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2 Responses to Would you like to win this awesome drying rack? Weekend Giveaway! Ya can’t beat free!

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  2. Lauren says:

    Looks so sturdy. Great giveaway!

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