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Printable Cash Envelopes – Did you know that you can print your own cash envelopes? My templates use a number 6 3/4 envelope found at most stores. I bought mine at Staples. A package of 50 was only $1.99. You’ll have to click on the envelope of your choice, a new window will open, save that as a pdf to your computer, open the saved pdf from your computer, click print, under your printers ‘properties’ section- set paper size as 3.6″ wide and 6.5″ as the height (also check your page scaling selections it should be set to none) , place envelope in the tray used for printing envelopes on your printer (this is printer specific, each model is different) and click print.


 Frogs & Butterflies -Dark

Frogs & Butterflies -Light

 Shoes & Glasses

 Scroll – 4 color choices

Purple Scroll – Blue Scroll – Green Scroll – Teal Scroll

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