Chicken Recipe – How to stretch 1 chicken into 8 meals in 7 easy steps


Yesterday I lucked up on an unbelievable sale! An 8 lb Perdue Whole Roaster Chicken was on sale for $1.08 a pound! This is a vegetarian fed, cage free, antibiotic and hormone free bird. So of course I grabbed one. Instead of oven roasting it, eating what we could hold and freeze the rest, I decided to do this: Continue reading

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Would you like to win this awesome drying rack? Weekend Giveaway! Ya can’t beat free!

This contest has ended. Thank you to everyone who participated.


I can’t think of a more frugal way to dry clothes than outside on a clothes line. But sometimes you can’t hang your clothes outside- rain, snow, not allowed in your neighborhood etc. So what’s the next best thing? An indoor drying rack of course! I have three indoor drying racks and I love them!

Honey-Can-Do Commercial Chrome Drying Rack

Continue reading

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What Is Chamomile – Home Remedies With Herbs

This is one tea I think every household should keep on hand. The uses for chamomile are endless. It makes a mild flavored tea and is easily combine with other herbal teas for home remedies.

Chamomile is an herb and a member of the daisy family. Some active ingredients in the flower are flavonoids, apigenin,  luteolin and quercertin. These ingredients contribute to chamomile’s anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and smooth-muscle relax action, especially in the gastrointestinal tract.   Continue reading

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Why You Should Never Eat Boxed Mac & Cheese – Easy Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Recipe


Got home late from work and need to get dinner done in a hurry? That’s me most days. I am always looking for quick ways to get dinner on the table. It’s so easy to run to the cabinet and grab that box of macaroni and cheese as a side dish. Homemade takes too much time right? No. In fact, it takes the same amount of time to make my macaroni and cheese recipe as the ‘blue box’ kind. Continue reading

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Happy National Peanut Butter Cookie Day!


Don’t forget to share some peanut butter cookies with your loved ones today =) And while your at it… Don’t forget to send me your most awesome peanut butter cookie recipe! 

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I’m Teaming Up With Erin Chase at $5 Dollar Dinners

Aldi Süd, Trier

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am very excited to be linking up with the famous Erin Chase at $5 Dollar Dinners to bring you The Bargain Meal of the Week for Ingles sales ads. Each week I will create a meal based on the Ingles current sales ad. Planning your menus around the sales ads saves loads of money and time. I’ve been doing my menus this way for years. When items, such as meats, are at rock bottom prices- stock up, freeze it and save money. Continue reading

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National Peanut Butter Cookie Day Is June 12 – A Simple 5 Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

I’ll be celebrating by making this recipe from Kraft:

Continue reading

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Kale and Tomato Pasta – A Simple 5 Ingredient Recipe

Cooking the pasta and kale in the tomatoes with some added water saves time and is a clever short cut with this recipe. We like this dish as a light lunch or side item. With only 5 ingredients it is full of vitamins and it’s cheap! This recipe should feed 4.  Continue reading

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Chicken Recipe – Honey Ginger Stir Fry

This chicken stir fry is sweet yet savory. The veggies are the star of the recipe with a small amount of chicken added in for flavor. I use my cast iron pans because they are the only pans I have. If you have a wok, feel free it use it. I have limited cabinet space which equals-Limited kitchen gadgets  I love this recipe because it ticks off all my favorite boxes –

  • Simple
  • Quick
  • Cheap
It should feed 4 with normal size potions. We (there were 2 of us) ate this for dinner,  I had it for dinner the next night and took it to work for lunch the next day. Zero waste and it was just as yummy the third time around.  Continue reading
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What I Did On My PJ Day

I had a wonderful day off on my PJ Day. I surfed the net without guilt or a timer. As an added bonus I didn’t go anywhere, which qualifies as a “No Spend Day”. I challenge myself to have “No Spend Day” often, or even better No Spend Day(s) which are tough to do. Having a No Spend Day is a way to save money and really look at your spending habits. How many days can you go without spending a dime?

I did get outside and take a picture tour around the yard…. I chased a bee… or did it chase me? The garden is growing…. what Southern yard is complete without a magnolia tree? A field of wild flowers… a cone of flowers that smell like honey…. the only thing I regret is not being able to share the sounds of buzzing insects, birds singing and me squealing as I run from a bee….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I would love to hear some adventures you’ve been having lately…. Please comment or better yet leave a link…. I’m off to plan yet another PJ Day…… Yippie

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